Suggested Solutions for pH Meters / Controllers

Milwaukee Instrum. Suggested Solutions for pH Meters / Controllers
Suggested Solutions for pH Meters / Controllers

1. MA9015 storage solution for pH probe storage.

2. MA9016 cleaning solution for pH probe cleaning.

3. MA9007 pH 7 buffer for 1-point pH calibration.

4. MA9004 pH 4 and MA9010 pH 10 for 2-point pH calibration.

After each use, always rinse the probe with water, clean it with MA9016 cleaning solution and store the probe with MA9015 storage solution.

For probe cleaning - Soak it in MA9016 cleaning solution for about 3 minutes once a day or at least once a week to prevent clogging and to maintain accuracy.

For probe storage - Place a sponge or tissue in the bottom of the cap, and pour some MA9015 storage solution into the cap.

Never let probe dry after conditioning and Never use distilled/deionized water for storage purposes.

Always rinse the pH electrode with water between calibrations and testings.

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