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Milwaukee Instrum. Solutions
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Milwaukee Instruments Calibration Buffer Standard Solution Reagent Fluid Liquid

*** There is no product specification difference between HANNA and Milwaukee calibration solutions. All calibrations solutions listed can be used for all meters in our store.


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Milwaukee Instrum. Milwaukee MA9004 pH 4.01 Buffer Solution, 230ml
$16.93, 2/$30.00
Milwaukee MA9007 pH 7.01 Buffer Solution, 230ml
$16.93, 2/$30.00
Milwaukee MA9010 pH 10.01 Buffer Solution, 230ml
$16.93, 2/$30.00
Milwaukee Calibration Solutions, 20mlMilwaukee MA9015 / HANNA HI70300 Electrode Storage Solution, 230ml
$16.93, 2/$30.00
Milwaukee MA9016 / HANNA HI7061 Electrode Cleaning Solution, 230ml
$16.93, 2/$30.00
Milwaukee MA9011 3.5M KCl Electrolyte Solution, 230ml
Milwaukee MA9025 ORP Probe Conditioning KitMilwaukee MA9020 ORP 200-275 mV Solution, 230ml
Milwaukee MA9060 12880 us/cm 12.88 ms EC Solution, 230ml
Milwaukee 1413 us/cm EC Solution, MA9061, 230ml
Milwaukee MA9062 1382 ppm TDS Solution, 230ml
Milwaukee MA9070 Zero Oxygen Solution, 500ml
Milwaukee MA9071 Electrolyte Solution for DO Probes, 230 ml
Milwaukee Instrum. Suggested Solutions for pH Meters / Controllers
Milwaukee MA9071S Electrolyte Solution for DO Probes, Small, 30ml
Milwaukee M10000 Electrode Rinse Solution, 20ml
Milwaukee M10004 pH 4.01 Buffer Solution, 20ml
Milwaukee M10007 pH 7.01 Buffer Solution, 20ml
Milwaukee M10010 pH 10.01 Buffer Solution, 20ml
Milwaukee M10030 12880 S/cm EC Solution, 20ml
Milwaukee M10031 1413 S/cm EC Solution, 20ml
SALE! Milwaukee M10032 1382 ppm TDS Solution, 20ml
Milwaukee M10038 6.44 ppt TDS Solution, 20ml
Milwaukee M10080 800 ppm TDS Solution, 20ml
Milwaukee M10442 1500 ppm TDS Solution, 20ml
HANNA HI 700661 Electrode Cleaning Solution for Agriculture Application, 20mlMilwaukee M100020 Conductivity CAL-TEST Solution, 20mlMilwaukee M100040 TDS CAL-TEST Solution, 20mlMilwaukee M10004B pH 4.01 Buffer Solution, 25x20ml
List: $28.93
Sale: $28.93, 2/$52.00
Milwaukee M10007B pH 7.01 Buffer Solution, 20ml, 25/BoxMilwaukee M10010B pH 10.01 Buffer Solution, 25x20mlMilwaukee M10032B 1382 ppm TDS Solution, 25x20mlMilwaukee Mi0005 / HANNA HI 740029P 9V Battery
Spare 1.5 V Battery for Pocket Tester, Pack/10
Milwaukee MA841 Membranes with O-rings, 5/PK
Milwaukee Mi555-001 Calibration standard, SO2 (500 mL bottle)Milwaukee Mi555-002 Titrant SO2 (100 mL bottle)
Milwaukee Mi555-003 Alkaline reagent for total SO2, (4x100 mL bottle)Milwaukee Mi555-004 Acid reagent for total SO2, (4x100 mL bottle)Milwaukee Mi555-005 Acid reagent for free SO2, (4x100 mL bottle)Milwaukee Mi555-006 Stabilizer, SO2, (80 pp) - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required