WobL Small Vibrating Watch - Black #31 - In Stock!

WobL Small Vibrating Watch - Black #31
WobL Small Vibrating Watch - Black #31
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New WobL 8 Small Alarm and Vibrating Watch for Kids / Children / Women - Black / Silver

WobL Watch is the smallest vibrating and alarm watch in the world. The child friendly velcro band can fit as small as a 5" wrist and the face is approx. 1 1/4" wide. WobL watch is manufactured by PottyMD. It is designed to provide reminders to those with small or delicate wrists. The WobL is specially made for children, women and young adults who need a quality watch that can vibrate or alarm at set intervals throughout the day. WobL Watch NOW offers 8 different alarms, countdown timer, date, lock out feature and a velcro band. Ideal for the deaf, hearing and visually impaired, potty reminders, discreet reminders to perform bodily functions, meetings, timed medication and daily routines. The WobL watch is 3 ATM but is not waterproof. If it is found that the watch has been exposed to water this will void your 6 month warranty. The WobL watch battery only lasts about a 2-4 months due to the vibrating motor and can purchased anywhere that sells watch batteries. The battery size is CR2032. Extra batteries are sold on our website.


Replacement Band  - for WobL Watch
Replacement Band / Strap - for WobL Watch

- The band for Wobl Watch is NOT covered by manufacturer warranty, please keep a spare one as needed.
Replacement Band - for WobL Watch PMD-Wobl-Band
Batteries for VibraLITE / Wobl 8 Watch, Pack/5
Lithium 3V Battery for VibraLITE and Wobl 8 Watch, Pack/5

*** Does not work for VibraLITE MINI.
List: $5.99
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Batteries for VibraLITE / Wobl 8 Watch, Pack/5 TQ-CR2032_5x
eSeasongear VB80 - 12 Alarm Vibrating Watch
eSeasongear VB80 12 Alarm Vibrating Watch

Key Features:

* 12 Vibrating alarms per day, extra strong/long 40 seconds silent wake up alarm.

- Please select VB150 if you need 15 Alarm Vibrating Watch with Auto repeat Countdown Timer and Activity Tracker

* Soft silicone strap, fits approx. wrist sizes: Small 4.5" - 7.5" (11cm - 19cm); Large 6.5" - 8.5" (16cm - 21cm)

* 6 Color replacement straps available

* New 12/24 hour time, no screen lock.

* USB rechargeable (USB connector is included)

* Splash-proof (not waterproof)

* 6 Months warranty (valid for normal use and not including strap and water damage)

The VB80 is a silent, vibrating wristband watch that conveniently provides strong but discrete vibrations to adults and children as a reminder to do something during day or night.

The vibration alarms have endless applications for adults and children: taking medications on time, standing and moving about after long hours seated in the office, waking up on time each morning, or going to the bathroom on time.

VB80 has up to 8 vibrating alarms that can be set per day. At the times set by the wearer, the watch will vibrate and the time will be displayed on the watch. Alarm 1 will vibrate for 40 seconds - the strongest, longest alarm of the day, which can be useful as a wake-up alarm. Alarms 2-8 will vibrate for 20 seconds each. All alarm vibrations can be stopped by pressing either button during the alarm.

The VB80's battery is easily rechargeable through an USB connector (included), fully charged within 30 min. and can last for 1 - 3 weeks, depending on how many alarms set per day.

Same as Pivotell Vibratime
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eSeasongear VB80 - 12 Alarm Vibrating Watch ESG-VB80
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