Nite Train'r Bedwetting Alarm - Female
Nite Train'r Bedwetting Alarm - Female
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Nite Train'r Bedwetting Alarm - Female

Nite Train-r for girls (NT-F) This package consists of a small box with electronic alarm powered by a 9v battery and a two very effective moisture sensing pads specifically designed for females. Approximate dimensions: Alarm box: 2 inches wide x 2.5 inches tall x 0.8 inches deep. Sensor wire: 25 inches long. Sensor: 6.6 inches long x 2.9 inch wide (at widest point) x 0.1 inches thick. Comes with a 60-day warranty.

How To Use Nite Train-r For Girls Insert pad into underwear, plug cable into alarm box and position near the ear.


Nite Train-r Facts
Nite Train-r Facts

Enuresis...what is it?

Enuresis, or bedwetting, is a problem as old as man. In the vast majority of cases there is not disease or abnormality causing the bedwetting, rather the enuretic simply does not wake up when his brain receives the normal message that the bladder is about to be voided. We know the signal is there because the child obeys it and eliminates normally while awake. The bedwetter is usually a "deep sleeper" and sleeps right through the subconscious signals, voids the bladder and faces wet pajamas, bedding and a new load of guilt. Allowed to continue unchecked, enuresis is known to plague many far into their teens...some even into adulthood.

Affects one out of six children

Enuresis affects 17% of our Nation's children at the age of five - one out of six. Treatment should begin at this age because chance of self-curing thereafter is decreasing. A number of studies indicate that 50% of the bedwetters at the age of five will continue to wet at the age of ten.

How to cure Enuresis?

The bedwetting habit, in most cases, is the result of extremely deep sleep and the lack of reflex. Nite Train-r has a proven record of training "deep sleepers" to develop nervous "reflex system" by which the bedwetter can respond to normal stimulus his brain is receiving from the bladder telling him to wake up. Nite Train-r, with its extremely effective moisture-sensing pads and alarm, helps train the bedwetter to wake up during urination. After repeated use of Nite Train-r device, the bedwetter can wake up on his own without help. Normally, it takes between two to eight weeks to train the bedwetter completely.

How does it work? What is it?

Nite Train-r is a compact, moisture-sensitive training device for bedwetter. It consists of a small plastic alarm box that attaches to the shoulder area or the bedwetters pajama or Tee shirt close to the ear and a nonabsorbant sensor pad worn over the genitals and held in place with a pair of snug fitting shorts or panties. The plastic box unit contains a miniaturized electronic alarm and 9-volt battery. The moisture-sensing pad is comfortable to wear and also unique because only one or two drops of urine will activate the alarm.

The Nite Train-r alarm has a built-in volume control switch ( high and low) for your selection of a louder toned or softer toned alarm. The soft toned alarm is a good choice for children who are not "deep" sleepers, while the louder toned alarm is recommended for those "hard-to-wake" sleepers.

The Nite Train-r alarm generates a highly alerting warbling sound. Each Nite Train-r kit contains two moisture sensing pads which are patented and reusable either in boys' or girls' style. Each pad can be purchased separately.

Why do Nite Train-r devices work better than other devices?

1) To be effective an alarm device must respond instantly, reliably and safely. Nite Train-r devices are the only alarm devices in the world that detect moisture directly. Unlike other devices that require pouch, garment, sanitary napkin or bed sheet to be wetted first, Nite Train-r alarm responds instantly to the first drops of urine on the moisture sensor pad.

2) Nite Train-r alarms sound near the child's ear, not on the wrist, not on the nightstand, or muffled in the bed. This assures effective delivery of sound to the child for him to wake up quickly.

3) Nite Train-r alarms produce an alerting and more attention getting "warble" not a monotone. This feature assures quicker response to the alarm for the bed wetter.

4) Nite Train-r alarms use 9-volt batteries, which are easily replaceable if need be. Other devices often use costly, hard to find batteries that are not as practical or reliable.

5) Nite Train-r alarm has a built-in volume control switch (high and low) for your selection of a louder toned or softer toned alarm. - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required