Product Review MARPAC 580 vs. 980

MARPAC 580 vs. 980
Product Review MARPAC 580 vs. 980

The Marpac 980A dual speed sound machine has a real fan inside and makes noise by moving air, so it sounds like a fan. The different fan speeds and different air paths change the tune and volume of the sound.

The Marpac 580A is a lower cost single speed model and the speed is the same as the high speed of the 980A model.

There is no timer for both 580A and 980A models, you can only turn the machines on or off. Both models use 110V AC power only (can not use batteries).

There is no difference between the 2007 and 2008 models.

The Sleep Mate® is the exact same product as the Sound Screen®. The Sound Screen name is better suited to professional/office applications.

The free CD included is a free bonus for making your CD player as a second sound machine if needed, it is professionally mastered/produced with one 70 min. non-loop digital white noise track. The CD is packed inside the item box. - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required