HANNA HI 83200 Multiparameter Photometer, Laboratory

HANNA HI 83200 Multiparameter Photometer, Laboratory
HANNA HI 83200 Multiparameter Photometer, Laboratory
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HANNA HI 83200 Multiparameter Photometer, Laboratory

The old HANNA bench photometer “C2xx” has a new part code of “HI832xx”.

Application Specific Photometers with More Methods

The 2008 Series of HI 83200 bench top photometers from HANNA offers all the features from our previous popular series plus many upgrades and improvements that make these instruments much more versatile and easy to use.

These instruments have been completely redesigned to accommodate more sophisticated optical systems, resulting in greater reproducibility of tests. These new casings feature a cuvette compartment door that eliminate external light disturbances.

The 2008 Series also feature a graphic, backlit LCD which greatly enhances user friendliness. The method selection and set up modes are clearly shown on the LCD. Each method’s measuring procedure is displayed on the LCD taking the user step by step through the process. At any stage in the measurement process or during setup, the help button will show context sensitive help. All these features are available in a user selectable language. Additionally, the help screen also list the required reagent sets, accessories and customer support contact information.

The 2008 Series eliminates confusion by automatically converting readings to other chemical forms. Common conversions are available at the touch of a button.

Other features included in the 2008 Series are a USB connection to transfer logged data (the instruments allow up to 200 data points) and the capability to run on rechargeable batteries or a 12 Vdc power adapter (included). Built for Labs, Flexible for Field Use

HI 83200 2008 Series is one of the most versatile photometers on the market. Just one meter measures up to 45 of the most important water quality parameters.


The meter does not come with the reagents required for operation, the reagents listed need to be bought separately.


(C200, C 200, HI83200, HI83200-01, HI83200-02 HI 83200-2008 HI 83200-01, HI 83200-02, -01, -02, -1, -2 )

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