SunPower SP05A Hybrid Spa Heater 101,000 BTU

Item# AQC-SP05A

*** Warning! - AquaCal will not honor the Full Warranty if the heat pumps are not purchased from authorized dealers.

SunPower SP05A Hybrid Spa Heater

SunPower Hybrid Spa Heater transfers FREE heat from your pool to your spa. BENEFITS

* extremely energy efficient * safe for the environment * lowest cost spa heating method * does not burn fossil fuels * no greenhouse gas emissions * quiet operation - no fan noise


* heat output is constant, regardless of air temperature or weather * will heat the spa up to 104F even when the pool water temperature falls down to 50F * with spillover spa systems, the heat "borrowed" from the pool is returned to the pool when spillover mode is resumed * in reverse mode, turn your spa into a "cold plunge" - sports therapists increasingly recommend cold water therapy for rapid muscle recovery after exertion - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required