i AquaCal RES2055 Sporlan HPC-164-S Filter Drier

i AquaCal RES2055 Sporlan HPC-164-S Filter Drier
i AquaCal RES2055 Sporlan HPC-164-S Filter Drier
Item# AC-RES2055_PO

AquaCal RES2055, Sporlan HPC-164-S , 1/2" ODF SOLDER, BI FLOW, Reversible Heat Pump Filter Drier


The universal acceptance of the Catch-All Filter-Drier is due to its unique molded porous core, consisting of a blend of highly effective desiccants. The quality features built into it assure years of service on any refrigeration system.

MOISTURE - The Catch-All Filter-Drier removes moisture from the refrigerant by adsorbing and retaining it deep within the desiccant granules. The blend of desiccants used in the Catch-All Filter-Drier are specially formulated for exceptional water removal. FOREIGN MATTER - The Catch-All Filter-Drier will filter out scale, solder particles, carbon, sludge, dirt or any other foreign matter with negligible pressure drop. Fine particles that would go through an ordinary strainer are removed down to a minimum size in one pass filtration. The large filtering area of the Catch-All Filter-Drier core permits it to collect a large amount of dirt without plug up. ACID- The Catch-All Filter-Drier is unexcelled in acid removal ability. The hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, and various organic acids are adsorbed and held by the desiccant in a manner similar to the adsorption of moisture. Tests have demonstrated that the Catch-All Filter-Drier has superior acid removal ability when compared to competitive driers. This ability, along with its excellent ability toclean up the oil, is responsible for the excellent field performance in cleaning up severely contaminated systems. OIL SLUDGE AND VARNISH- Even the best refrigeration oils break down to produce varnish, sludge and organic acids. Only the Catch-All Filter-Drier is capable of removing these products of oil decomposition. SPECIAL APPLICATIONS- A special HH core Catch-All Filter-Drier is available to remove wax which frequently causes difficulty on low temperature refrigeration systems. For cap tube systems, use the C-032-CAP or C-032-CAP-T Catch-All which hasfittings suitable for attaching to any size capillary tube. - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required