Pooltest 9 Professional Kit, Palintest SP790

Pooltest 9 Professional Kit, Palintest SP 790, SP790
Pooltest 9 Professional Kit, Palintest SP 790, SP790
Item# PAL-SP790

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Pooltest 9 Professional Kit, Palintest SP790

The Pooltest 9 Professional Pool Photometer builds on the phenomenal success of its predecessor the Pooltest 9, with the same ease of use that made its predecessor the best selling pool photometer in the world.

The Pooltest 9 professional also features:

* Fully waterproof to IP67 standard

* Large fully backlit LCD screen for ease of use

* Unique adaptive sample holder

* Fully automatic wavelength selection

* Just press the parameter key and the method is set up.

Fast and easy to use the results are displayed in mg/l or ppm. It measures all the routine pool parameters, all disinfectants, balanced water tests, and is fully integrated with the world renowned Palintest tablet test reagents.

Ordering Information

Description Product Code

Pooltest 9 Professional Kit The kit comes complete with 20 tests each for Free and Total Chlorine, Ozone, pH (Phenol Red) and Copper, plus 10 tests each for Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric Acid. The kit includes 4 photometer test tubes and is supplied in a hard plastic carry case. SP790

Round Test Tubes for Photometer, 10 ml glass (Pack of 5) PT595/5

Photometer check standards with test certificate For Pooltest 9 Professional PT971

Plastic Photometer Tubes (Pack of 5) PT524/5


Test Range (mg/l) Description Product Code

Alkalinity Total (Alkaphot) 0 - 500 (CaCO3) Replacement Reagent Pack (250 tests) AP188 Reagent Starter Pack (50 tests) PM188

Bromine 0 - 10 Replacement Reagent Pack (250 tests) AP060 Reagent Starter Pack (50 tests) PM060

Calcium Hardness (Calcicol) 0 - 500 (CaCO3) Replacement Reagent Pack (250 tests) AP252

Reagent Starter Pack (50 tests) PM252

Chlorine (DPD 1 and 3) Free and Combined 0 - 5.0 Replacement Reagent Pack (250 tests) AP031

Reagent Starter Pack (50 tests) PM031

Chlorine (DPD No 1) Free Chlorine 0 - 2 Replacement Reagent Pack (250 tests) AP011 Reagent Starter Pack (50 tests) PM011

Copper (Coppercol - Free, combined and total) 0 - 5.0 Reagent Starter Pack (50 tests) PM186

Cyanuric Acid 0 - 200 Replacement Reagent Pack (250 tests) AP087

Reagent Starter Pack (50 tests) PM087

Ozone 0 - 2.0 Replacement Reagent Pack (250 tests) AP056

Reagent Starter Pack (50 tests) PM056

pH (Phenol Red) 6.8 - 8.4 Replacement Reagent Pack (250 tests) AP130

Reagent Starter Pack (50 tests) PM130 - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required