Pooltest 25 Professional Plus Kit, Palintest SP 725, SP725, 725E

Pooltest 25 Professional Plus Kit, Palintest SP 725, SP725, 725E
Item# PAL-SP725E

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Pooltest 25 Professional Plus Kit, Palintest SP725E

<<< New "Plus" Version, 0-10 ppm Chlorine, In Season Special! >>>

The superb new Pooltest 25 Professional is a fully featured waterproof precision pool photometer for the most demanding professional. The instrument features a complete range of 25 swimming pool water tests including the more specialised tests such as phosphate, sulphate, as well as the usual free and total Chlorine, pH, alkalinity.

Also featured is a fast USB computer connection. The unit stores up to 1000 results in its on-board memory, and can transfer them to a PC database, spreadsheet, or into a number of sophisticated Pool Chemistry Software packages. With an IP67 waterproof rating the Pooltest 25 Professional will withstand being submerged for up to half an hour in a metre of water.

The instrument is direct reading, and integrated with the Palintest range of chemical testing giving an instrumental method of analysis for an extensive range of swimming pool water tests. Its large backlit LCD screen allows easy access to programmed tests, and the fully automated method set up and automatic wavelength selection make testing for multiple parameters quick and easy.

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Pooltest 25 Professional Kit The standard pooltest 25 kit contains a Pooltest 25 Professional instrument in an easily portable carrycase, complete with photometer test tubes and a starter supply of test reagents. SP725

Pooltest 25 Professional Minilab The Professional Minilab contains all you?re likely to need to test your pool water including TDS sensor, a range of test reagent s, and bench top tray for ease of use. SP730

Round Test Tubes for Photometer, 10 ml glass (Pack of 5) PT595/5

USB Power Adaptor For use with Photometer 7500 and Pooltest 25 Professional PT745

USB cable PT746

Photometer check standards with test certificate For Photometer 7100, 7500 & Pooltest 25 Professional PT804 Plastic Photometer Tubes (Pack of 5) PT524/5 - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required