Milwaukee SM101 pH + SM500 ORP Meter/Solution Combo, MW101 + MW500 NEW!

Milwaukee SM101+SM500+6Solu. Meter/Solution Combo
Milwaukee SM101+SM500+6Solu. Meter/Solution Combo
Item# Mil-SM101-SM500-6Solutions

Milwaukee Instruments SM101 pH + SM500 ORP Meter/Solution Combo for Ionized/Alkaline Water Testing, New MW101 + MW500

The Old Milwaukee SM models have been upgraded to the New "MW" models!

Milwaukee engineering department has completely reengineered and redesigned the old "SM" portable economy meter group.

The new "MW" product group all have these new or improved features: Faster Processor with the new chipset & motherboard. Smaller, ergonomic & lighter case design. 100% larger & easier to read LED display. Easier & faster to calibrate. Longer battery life.

Milwaukee MW101 + MW500 + MA9015 9016 9004 9007 9010 9025 Combo

User Manual

Milwaukee Instruments MW101 (old SM101) pH + SM500 (old SM500) ORP Meter/Solution Combo, Recommended for Ionized/Alkaline Water Testing

The Meter/Solution Combo includes:

MW101 portable pH meter, w/ probe, 0.02 pH ACCURACY.

MW500 portable ORP meter, w/ probe

MA9015 Electrode storage solution, 230ml

MA9016 Electrode cleaning solution, 230ml

MA9025 ORP electrode conditioning kit, 2x2Oz.

MA9004 pH 4.01 buffer solution, 230ml

MA9007 pH 7.01 buffer solution, 230ml

MA9010 pH 10.01 buffer solution, 230ml
Milwaukee MW101 + MW500 + MA9015 9016 9004 9007 9010 9025 Combo Mil-MW101-MW500-6Solu - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required