ITS 486696-PC, eXact® Chlorine Photometer Kit

x ITS 486696-PC, eXact® Chlorine Photometer Kit
x ITS 486696-PC, eXact® Chlorine Photometer Kit
Item# ITS-486696-PC

ITS / Sensafe 486696-PC, eXact® Chlorine Photometer Kit

EPA Compliant testing method for Free & Total Chlorine when used with DPD chemistry.

*** The 486696-PC Kit Includes 100 tests of each:

Parameter Detection Range

eXact® Strip Micro DPD-1 (Free Chlorine) 0 - 11 ppm (mg/L)

eXact® Strip Micro DPD-3 (Total Chlorine) 0 - 11 ppm (mg/L)


* Directly read Free & Total Chlorine Click here to order reagents for the eXact® Chlorine photometer! * Patented technology (for use in accordance with U.S. Patent No. 7,333,194, U.S. Patent No. 7,491,546, South African Patent No. 2007/0628) * USEPA Compliant meter for Free & Total Chlorine * 0.01 ppm (mg/L) precision * Built-in, permanent cell (no loose glass or plastic cells; simply fill or dip into water) * Automatic countdown timer * 140 test memory (saves last 20 tests per menu) * Incorporates eXact® Strip technology (safe & reliable reagent dispersion) * No-slip grip housing * Lightweight (weighs only 6 oz with batteries installed) * Waterproof meter (IP-67) & floats * Easy-to-read LCD display * Environmentally friendly (recyclable parts & uses 60% less reagents than 10mL sample tests) * No color matching * Proprietary optics (allow for accurate testing without cap, though available) * Tests 29 parameters Using a conversion chart: Ammonia, Chloride (as NaCl), Chlorine Dioxide (DPD-1), Chromium Hexavalent, Cyanuric Acid, Fluoride, Hydrazine, Hydrogen Peroxide (Low, Mid and High Range), Iodine (DPD-1), Iron (Fe+2), Total Iron (Fe+2/Fe+3), LR Total Hardness (as CaCO3), Magnesium, Manganese, Nitrate (as NO3), Nitrite (as NO2), pH (Acid and Alkali), Potassium, Protein (as BSA), Sulfate, Sulfide, and Turbidity. * CE certification * 5 - year Warranty with satisfaction guarantee - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required