HANNA HI 98308 PWT EC Tester

HANNA HI 98308 PWT EC Tester
HANNA HI 98308 PWT EC Tester
Item# Han-HI98308


HANNA HI 98308 PWT EC Tester Meter HI98308

Pure Water Test (PWT) enables you to check the purity of your distilled or demineralized water in laboratory or industrial environments. Ultra Pure Water (UPW) is an ideal tester for Mega ohm checks. PWT is ideally suited for fields such as Printed Circuit Board washing, laundry, steam cleaning, checking car battery water and all areas where distilled, demineralized or pure water is used. UPW is the first pure water tester to measure in 1/1000ths of micro-Siemens and provides on-the-spot and fast checks for minute traces of contamination in your water, assuring high quality of finished products in processes. These testers are housed in a durable case that provides excellent protection against harsh industrial environments. The casing also features a larger LCD than previous models and with a more ergonomic shape is easier to handle.

HANNA HI 7033M 84 S/cm EC Solution, 230ml
HANNA HI 7033 84 S/cm EC Solution, 230ml

This conductivity solution at 84 S/cm makes it possible to calibrate instruments with a conductivity scale of up to 200 S/cm as used, for example, in the measurement of pure or distilled water.

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