HANNA HI 93414 EPA Compliant Portable Turbidity and Chlorine Meter with Fast Tracker™

HANNA HI 93414 Turbidity Chlorine Meter, EPA Compliant
HANNA HI 93414 Turbidity Chlorine Meter, EPA Compliant
Item# HAN-HI93414

HANNA Instruments HI 93414 EPA Compliant Portable Turbidity and Chlorine Meter with Fast Tracker™, HI93414, HI 93414-01, HI 93414-02

*** The old HI 93114 / HI93114 meter is no longer available.

HANNA's HI 93414 Turbidity and Chlorine Meter utilizes an EPA compliant tungsten light source and state-of-the-art optical system that allows consistently reliable and accurate measurements for free and total chlorine as well as turbidity. Users will appreciate the accuracy and sensitivity of this instrument, particularly at very low turbidity levels. To meet EPA reporting requirements these instruments have an EPA compliance reading mode. HI 93414 meets all EPA requirements with regards to the Standard Methods for Turbidity and Colorimetric Chlorine Measurements.

Turbidity is measured up to 1000 NTU and free and total chlorine measurements can be made in the 0.00 to 5.00 mg/L (ppm) range. Depending on the measured sample and required accuracy, users can select normal measurement, continuous measurement or signal averaging.

HI 93414 features the ability to equip Hanna's optional Tag Identification System (TIS) which allows users to record the time and location of a specific measurement or series of measurements. Logged data can be downloaded to a PC through either USB or RS232 connections. Reliable performance of the instrument is validated using Hanna's exclusive Cal Check® system and our ready-made, NiST traceable chlorine standards.

For turbidity, a two, three or four-point calibration is available using pre-set or user defined standards. Frequent Calibration isn't necessary as the system compensates for variations in the intensity of the light source. The instruments' Good Laboratory Practice functions allow traceability of calibration conditions including the time, date and last calibration points. At startup, the meter displays the percentage of remaining battery life. A 'low battery' warning message is also displayed on the LCD to avoid unexpected battery failure. This instrument is equipped with backlighting. The current date and time can be displayed on the LCD.

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