HANNA BL 932700 BlackStone ORP minicontroller 1000 mV

HANNA BL 932700 ORP mini controller 1000 mV
HANNA BL 932700 ORP mini controller 1000 mV
Item# Han-BL932700

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HANNA BL 932700 BlackStone ORP minicontroller 1000 mV, BL932700

BL 932700 is an ORP mini controller that has been designed for easy, affordable installation in tight spaces, ideal for simple yet effective process control. As a result of its compact size, BL 932700 can be installed right next to tanks or vats.

This versatile controller is ideal for many applications, such as ORP monitoring bleaching processes, waste water treatment and swimming pools. BL 932700 permits automatic control of installations previously checked manually.

The instrument can be set for reducing or oxidizing dosage. It measures in the 1000 mV range, with 1 mV resolution. Setpoint adjustment and calibration are simply performed through trimmers on the front panel. You can also choose automatic or manual dosing mode with a switch on the front panel. Manual control is particularly useful during maintenance operations, because it permits you to enable or disable the dosing relay according to your need.

The overtime control system advises you when the relay is active too long, helping to prevent over dosage. In addition, this model features a 4-20 mA analog output for recorder connection.

Two models are available, with power supply input at 115/230 Vac or 12 Vdc.

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