HANNA BL 20-1 Dosing pump, 110V, 18.3 lph (4.8 gph)

HANNA BL 20-1 Dosing pump, 110V, 18.3 lph (4.8 gph)
HANNA BL 20-1 Dosing pump, 110V, 18.3 lph (4.8 gph)
Item# Han-BL20-1
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HANNA Instruments BL Dosing Pump w/ Timer

One HI 721004 injection valve (output), one HI 721005 foot valve (input), one HI 721008 ceramic weight and 7 Meters 3/8" LDPE tubing included for each BL Dosing pump listed in this store!

Max. Output (GPD): BL1.5=9.6; BL3=19; BL5=31; BL7=48; BL10=70; BL15=96; BL20=115

Max. Pressure (PSI): BL1.5/3/5/7 = 100; BL10/15/20 = 50

Max. Power: 200 W; Self Priming: 5 Feet; Control Timer: 1-100%

Blackstone's positive displacement solenoid driven pumps use a minimum number of moving parts, therefore reducing the chance of mechanical failure. Part wear and oiling associated with motor driven pumps (ball-bearings, gear drives and cams) are not present in these pumps. Blackstone pumps are more accurate than standard pumps with the positive displacement design ensuring each stroke is identical to the strokes before and after it, thus keeping the flow rate consistent.

A wide range of Blackstone pumps with different dosing capacities is available for your specific dosing needs. Each pump is supplied with discharge and suction valves.

HANNA also produces polyethylene tubing, injection fittings, ceramic weights and replacement parts.

*** You can select a larger size for your application and use the timer to adjust output.

BL 1.5-1 Dosing pump, 1.5 lph / 0.4 gph / 9.6 GPD

BL 3-1 Dosing pump, 2.9 lph / 0.8 gph / 19 GPD

BL 5-1 Dosing pump, 5.0 lph / 1.3 gph / 31 GPD

BL 7-1 Dosing pump, 7.6 lph / 2.0 gph / 48 GPD

BL 10-1 Dosing pump, 10.8 lph / 2.9 gph / 70 GPD

BL 15-1 Dosing pump, 15.2 lph / 4.0 gph / 96 GPD

BL 20-1 Dosing pump, 18.3 lph / 4.8 gph / 115 GPD

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