Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out the Manufacturer US Warranties, Product Reviews, and Shipping sections for more information. Please email us if you have any more questions.

- How do I get the best price match?

Please email us the other Authorized Dealer's item price including shipping charges before placing your order.

Sorry, we will not reply to emails asking for price matches to non Authorized Dealers, prices without shipping charges included, or after the order(s) have been processed or shipped.

- Which item is the best for my application?

eSeasonGear is an on-line distributor offering the best price to buyers who know exactly what Brand/Model items they want. Please give us some details and we may suggest the best item for you, but we may not have the time to answer all your questions. Please check out the item's Selection Guide/Specifications/Manual or call the manufacturer's tech support for more detailed recommendations.

Please do not buy the item if you are not sure it will work for you. No returns will be accepted after the item has been used.

- Where can I find the coupon code?

You can find the code on the item list, please apply the code at check out to find out Our Low Prices.

- What else (solutions/case) is included with the item?

If the solutions/case are included, they are listed on the item's description/picture. The solutions included are normally in 20ml packs and are only good for you to start.

Calibration solutions and cases are NOT included for all HANNA and HM Digital Waterproof pocket testers.

Calibration solutions and cases are included for most Milwaukee Waterproof pocket testers.

pH/ORP electrode storage/cleaning solutions are never included.

There are more than 5000 testing instruments listed in this store, please check out the item listing for details.

Please check out the Product Review section for the suggested solutions.

- When is the expiration date for the solutions?

More than 1 year from the delivery date, normally 2-5 years. The format of the date on the 20ml package is in mm/yy.

- How long does the electrode last?

Check out the manufacturer's warranty, it also depends on many factors including your skill level, how you use/clean/store the electrode and what you are testing. Please read the instructions before you start.

- Where is the item made?

Our items are ordered from companies/manufacturers in the US, please check with the companies/manufacturers for that information. You can find the contact information in the Manufacture Warranty section.

- Why is the price different from store to store?

We have different promotions/specials/price-matching/free-shipping from store to store or in the same store, so please shop around for the best total price <<< includes shipping >>>. For the Best-Price-Anywhere price match, please include other seller's shipping charge.

- How to pay if I am not a PayPal user?

Please check out the Payments section on the left.

- How to print a receipt for my order?

Log in on to your PayPal account, click [History] and select (Basic Search), search for (Payment Sent) and then click [Search], click [details] then print the page.

- Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, please check out the following link: - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required