Dunwoody Wildcats vs. Lakeside Vikings 090321
Dunwoody Wildcats vs. Lakeside Vikings 090321
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The Lakeside Vikings came calling on the Wildcats and felt the power of the Cats! That is to say … Wildcat Junior 1st baseman, Tim Lin was licking his chops! Once you have tasted Home Run … you crave it, you drool at the thought of a fast ball down the middle … OK, you get the picture. Hunter Wheeler started things off in the 2nd with a base hit. My favorite Wildcat followed with another hit on his first pitch. Then up to plate trots the mighty Tim … T I M L I N! With 1 mighty swing … and this blast – no less than 371’; had the home crowd on their feet to witness the amazing Wildcat Leap at home plate—once again. Wildcats 3 – Vikings 0. On Tim’s next at bat, the bases were loaded. Tim did something that I haven’t seen a 6’5” person do – Tim got a base hit and drove in 2 Wildcat base runners. When the throw came in from the outfield, Tim decided that he go to 2nd base. As the throw was thrown to 2nd, Tim does an amazing belly flop about 10 feet from 2nd base. Instead of sliding into 2nd, Tim bounces into 2nd base – safely. 2 more RBIs making a total of 5 RBIs for the big junior. It was a very nice hustling play by Tim. Wildcats 5 – Vikings 0. Of course, Coach Bass played most of the kids in today’s game. Tim Lin just had a day to remember.

Corey Meek pitched 4 innings and gave up 1 run. Hunter Wheeler followed Corey to the mound and pitched the final 3 innings of the game.

The final score of the game was: DHS Wildcats – 10 Runs, 11 Hits, & no errors. Lakeside Vikings – 1 run, 5 hits, and 3 errors.

The # 3 Ranked DHS Wildcats have 3 games next week: (Only 1 Home game)

Monday -- @ Grady HS (game @ Crim HS – 5:30 PM)

Wednesday – Home vs St. Pius X – 5:55 PM -- Eric Christensen of Bulldog Movers to toss out the 1st pitch.

Friday -- @ Druid Hills (game @ Shamrock Middle – 5:00 PM)

Thanks again to Bill Marrack of Pig ‘ N Chik for all those wonderful BBQ sandwiches that were passed out today.

See you at the park!

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