AutoPilot Parts - Complete List

AutoPilot Parts - Complete List


*** Warning! - AutoPilot will not honor the Full Warranty if the items are not purchased from authorized dealers.

20082010; 2013

DIG-220 Parts; ST-220 Parts

*** AutoPilot electrical and installed parts are not returnable!

Please contact AutoPilot at 727-823-5642 for product technical support / warranty services.

(poolpilot dig-220 capacitors diy fix repair flash check system light display message check clean cell fan)

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2013 AutoPilot Pool Pilot Parts Price List

STK0029 Kit, DIG-220 & ST-220 Chassis Assy 833R DIG Electronic Control Board Remanufactured 833N DIG Electronic Control Board New 828R Soft Touch Electronic Control Board Remanufactured 828N Soft Touch Electronic Control Board New 16084R ST/DIG/75003 Power Module Remanufactured 16084 ST/DIG/75003 Power Module New 16081 PPP Power Module 630 Fan Assembly-DIG/TC 630-ST Fan Assembly-Soft Touch 15531 Pump Relay-DIG/TC APK0004 Relay Upgrade Kit for DIG-220 - includes wires APK0005 RS-485 Kit for DIG-220 15179 Terminal Block STK0091 Nano Display PC Board Replacement Kit ECP0063 Nano Modular Cable 12" for Display Board STK0123 Nano+ Replacement Power Supply Kit STK0093 AG Power Board Replacement Kit STK0094 AG Display PC Board Replacement Kit STK0032 Kit, 75003 Chassis Assy 837R 75003 Control Board Remanufactured 837N 75003 Control Board New 838R 75003 Interface Board Remanufactured 838N 75003 Interface Board New 839R 75001 ORP/pH Board Remanufactured 839N 75001 ORP/pH Board New 16081R PPP Power Module Remanufactured 830R PPP Electronic Control Board Remanufactured 830N PPP Electronic Control Board New 17600 PPP Fan 848R2 PPP Junction Board - includes ribbon cable STK0034 Kit, Cubby Chassis Assy 110V STK0059 Kit, Cubby Chassis Assy 220V STK0061 Nano/Cubby Digital Power Supply board STK0062 Kit, Cubby Digital Display board replacement CBA0001R Nano & Cubby Digital Main Board Assembly rebuilt STK0064 Kit, Nano & Cubby Digital Interface PC board replacement STK0065 Kit, AG/Nano/Cubby Digital Transformer replacement STK0124 Kit, Nano+ Transformer Replacement 19126 Output Dial Knob APK0007 Ozone Module for COP-1-A, COP-2-A & COP-2-B APK0008 Ozone Module for COP-A-CE & COP-B-CE APK0009 CoPIlot indicator board for all CoPilots APK0010 5-1147 Transformer for COP-2-A & COP-A-CE APK0011 5-0003 Transformer for COP-1-A, COP-2-A & COP-A-CE APK0012 5-1661-01 Transformer for COP-2-B & COP-B-CE 947 Line Voltage Jumper 13500-5 Microprocessor chip only (red dot) 816R1 LED Board for Cubby 15634 Circuit Breaker for PPP STK0091-CZECH Nano Display PC Board Replacement Kit - with CZECH language Sensors and Cords Part # Description 952-ST/DIG ST/DIG Cell Cord-12 ft 952-ST/DIG-24 ST/DIG Cell Cord-24 ft. 952 Cell Cord W/3 pin connector-12 ft. 952-24 Cell Cord W/3 pin connector-24 ft. 17206 Cell Cord- 12 ft. (No Connectors) 19050 Red Cell Cord Cap 956-1 Trisensor Cord-12 ft White Adapter for Prof. 623-2 PPP Wire Harness APA0003 Trisensor Assembly with cord APA0039 Trisensor Assembly with cord - 24 ft. APK0041 Tri-Sensor Assembly with cord for Professional APK0038 Tri-Sensor Assembly for Convection Cell Systems 19028 Tri-Sensor O-Ring 315-AC Flow Switch or ORP Input Cable APK0020 Flow Jumper 19007-15T Flow Switch 15gpm w/ 2T 19007 Flow Switch only used w/Cubby/AutoLec units 19017 Flow Switch, Middle body w/Cap&Rubber (used with 19007) 19150 Flow Switch, Pool Chemistry Controller 19152 ORP Sensor (DO NOT STOCK) 19151 pH Sensor-Pro15 (DO NOT STOCK) 17212-1 Cable for 75003/75001 Connection STK0095 AG Wire and Cable Replacement Kit STK0066 Kit, Nano & Cubby Digital Wire & Cable replacement 20011 Modular Cable Assembly for AG APK0042 AG Flow Switch Assembly 623 ST/DIG Wire Harness 631 Ribbon Cable for Interface Board Connection 632 Ribbon Cable for Power Supply Connection 15119 Black banana plug stackable (used with in-deck cells) 19009 2" tee SxSxS Tri-sensor 19007-5 Flow Switch 5 gpm PLA0046 Trisensor and tee with cord for 941-215C-A PLA0047 Trisensor and tee with cord for 941-215C - 941-615C APK0019 In-line Flow Switch Replacement Kit Fuses Part # Description 15627 20 Amp Fuse-Cell (Qty. of 3 required) 15626 6 Amp Slo Blo Main AC Power (Qty. of 3 required) 15623-3 3 Amp Fast Blo (Qty. of 3 required) 15611 1 Amp Slo Blo (Qty. of 3 required) 15620 2 Amp Fast Blo (Qty. of 3 required) 15619 2 Amp Slo Blo (Qty. of 3 required) 15628 1 Amp Fast Blo (Qty. of 3 required) APK0014 Fuse for COP-1-A, COP-2-A and COP-2-B APK0015 Fuse for COP-A-CE and COP-B-CE APP0008 Fuse assembly for AG Plumbing Part # Description STK0035 Res Manifold Base & Top W/O Cell or Trisensor PLA0044 Manfiold top portion for 941-215C-A PLA0045 Manfiold bottom portion for 941-215C-A 941-C Professional Manifold Kit - Top & Bottom APK0017 CoPilot Manifold, Ozone w/o Cell 75083 Trisensor Tee for Nano and Cubby Digital Inline w/o Trisensor 15095 Check Valve 19064 Strainer Screen for 2" Union 2627 Union 2" SxS (used on cells) 19062 2" O-Ring for Screen Side 19070-0 1 1/2" O-Ring for Cell Side 19089 PVC valve lit Horner 19084 Grate Only for In/Deck 15495 Tubing, Polyethlene, 1/4 ID 12ft. 17013 Accessory Kit for 75001 STK0071 Acid Feed Parts Replacement Kit STK0055 Stenner Pump Install Kit STK0088 Stenner Pump #1 Head Service Kit 75018 Stenner Pump #1 Head Replacement M100A6 Stenner 45MP Gear Motor 120/60 w/ 10ft. Power Cord M101A6 Stenner 45MP Gear Motor 220/60 w/ 10ft. Power Cord M102A6 Stenner 45MP Gear Motor 230/50 w/ 10ft. Power Cord 75000 Stenner Motor & Pump Head 45MP1 3GPD 120/60 75027 Stenner Motor & Pump Head 45MP1 3GPD 220/60 75028 Stenner Motor & Pump Head 45MP1 3GPD 230/50 75029 Stenner Motor & Pump Head 45MP3 22GPD 220/60 15059 Uniseal Fitting, 1/4"ID 15092 Saddle Clamp Pentair/Rainbow 15093 Gasket Pentair/Rainbow 15094 Injection Fitting w/Nut PLP0035 Tubing Black 1/4" x 20 ft. 19078 Conn Cable Clamp Conduit 19078-N Nut for Cable Clamp Conduit 19153 Flow Cell, Injection STK0031 75001 Flow Cell Kit (inc. valves & flow switch) 17555 Ball Valve, 1/4" male NPT to QC 19058 Union 50mm s x mta metric (used w/ SRT) 19059 Adapter - 63 mm 2" 19070 Union 2 x 1 1/2" SxS (used in manifold) 19073 Union 1 1/2 SxS 312-A Nut only for 2" slip union 312-B 2" slip half union (used with 19070) 312-C 1 1/2" Female slip x threaded o-ring union base 312-D 2" slip with o-ring 312-E 1 1/2" male threaded half union (part #19057) 312-F 1.5" slip x 2" spigot x F union 312-G Union Half, MT Union x Flex - includes O-Ring 15693 Tubing Flexelene 1/4ID 3/8OD 17012 Accessory Kit for Stenner Pump 19009-5 2"X2"X.5" PVC tee (SXSXT) STK0048 Cracked union service kit APK0018 Return Jet Adaptor Replacement Kit 19069-0 Union O-Ring for 312-D PLP0080 Elbow, 1 1/2" MIPT x 2" Slip APK0039 Plumbing Package for AG Manifold Return Jet APK0040 Plumbing Package for AG Manifold In-line Cell with Flow Switch 537-1 Strain Relief, Plastic 1/2" Cells Part # Description RC35/22 RC-35/22 (SC-36) Replacement Cell w/ Unions RC28 RC-28 Replacement Cell w/ Unions RC42 RC-42 (SC-48) Replacement Cell w/ Unions RC52 RC-52 (SC-60) Replacement Cell w/ Unions CC15-FF CC-15 Replacement Commercial Cell for single cell manifold SSC17 SSC-17 Single Season Replacement Cell 942-3NF RC-3 Cell In-Line Only w/o Flow Switch 942-5 RC-5 Cell & Flow Switch for Cubby Inline Upgrade 942-5NF RC-5 Cell In-Line Only w/o Flow Switch Banana Plug 942-5NFM RC-5 Cell In-Line Only w/o Flow Switch Metric CC15-MF CC-15 Commercial Cell w/19069 Union for multiple cell manifold RC35/22-NU RC-35/22 (SC-36) Replacement Cell w/ NO Unions RC42-NU RC-42 (SC-48) Replacement Cell w/ NO Unions RC52-NU RC-52 (SC-60) Replacement Cell w/ NO Unions CC15-NU CC-15 Replacement Commercial Cell w/ NO Unions Covers Part # Description 16238 Cover Assy Retro Fit DIG-220 16242 Cover Assy Retro Fit ST-220 16243 75003 Cover assy STK0108 Pool Chemistry Controller 75001 Cover STK0090 Nano Cover Replacement Kit STK0125 Nano+ Cover Replacement Kit STK0092 AG Cover Replacement Kit STK0060 Cubby Digital Cover Replacement Kit 15660-1 Thumbscrew LBP0116 DIG-220/75003 Control Panel Label LBP0154 ST-220 Control Panel Label LBP0117 75001 Pool Chemistry Controller Label LBP0135 AutoPilot T-label for Front Panel Door LBP0056 Cubby Digital Control Panel Label Miscellaneous & Tools Part # Description 986-ST Tri-Sensor Simulator (for APA0003) 19400 Nyogel Grease (lube for Tri-Sensor) 19008 2" Flat Top Cap/Slip- cell cleaning purpose 19270 1 1/2 in. Plug for Cell Cleaning 996 Manifold cap kit PLA0113 Cell Acid Kit Plug for Cells 938-SC Spacer Cell (dummy cell for dual cell manifolds, 3 prong) 19088 Swan and Canister for Plug 'n Play 19096 2" Check valve 5 lb. 960 Mini Cell Demo Display 19202 Salt Test Strips 1 bottle 110-ORP ORP Relay box 16132-KIT DIG/ST Door Repair Kit 19096-3 Check valve 3 lb. (included w/ 941) 998-SP 30 Blade spacer cell ACLEAN3 Filter Bag for AquaClean Robotic Pool Cleaner MSP0022 PVA Roller Brush for AquaClean Robotic Pool Cleaner MSP0023 Drive Belt for AquaClean Robotic Pool Cleaner APK0006 Spacer Cell (dummy cell for Residential manifolds) STK0023 FLDPC Kit APK0013 Check valve & Tube Assembly for all CoPilots APK0016 Flow control assembly for all CoPilots APK0035 Tube adaptor for 5784A injector for CoPilot APK0036 Ozone Backflow Preventer Large Clear APK0037 Ozone Backflow Preventer White PLP0062 Ozone Injector with Cap Pool Pilot Professional Components Part # Description 78102 2 Cell Professional Power Supply 78103 3 Cell Professional Power Supply 78104 4 Cell Professional Power Supply 78105 5 Cell Professional Power Supply 78106 6 Cell Professional Power Supply 941-215C Manifold Commercial with 2 CC-15 Cells 941-315C Manifold Commercial with 3 CC-15 Cells 941-415C Manifold Commercial with 4 CC-15 Cells 941-515C Manifold Commercial with 5 CC-15 Cells 941-615C Manifold Commercial with 6 CC-15 Cells - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required