Autopilot Pool Pilot Commander

Pool Pilot Commander - Automation at its finest The Commander Wireless Control System controls pools/spas and now your home, with the most technologically advanced wireless control system on the market today! You hold the control in the palm of your hand. The Commander is designed as a fully customizable system, controlling up to five programmable functions, plus Z-wave devices and variable speed pump control.

Bring your pool to life - Internal 24-Hour Digital Clock - Three ON/OFF Events Per Equipment - 120VAC or 208/240VAC Input and Control - Memory Back-Up - Controls Single Speed, Two- Speed and Variable Speed Pumps - Programmable Heater Control - Freeze Protection System (when Armed with Optional Air Sensor) - Waterproof, Wireless Handheld Controller - Control Lights and Appliances in your Home

Commander Programming Features Customize Your Control With Any Manufacturers' Equipment - Customize your five high voltage relay outputs by choosing either single speed or two-speed pump control, cleaner (booster) pump control, water valve actuator control, heater with thermostat control or other functions - Schedule up to three automated On/Off events per programmable circuit - Program four different speeds on a variable speed pump to coincide with On/Off schedules - Set up your automated schedules to maximize energy savings - Don’t be locked in with one manufacturer again – select the best pump, filter, light and more to fit your needs and control them at any level with the Commander - Easily upgrade your existing pool to the Commander

Z-Wave Technology & Home Automation Make Any Home a "Smart Home" - Quickly, Easily and Affordably! - Z-Wave uses simple, reliable, low-power radio waves that easily travel through walls, floors and cabinets - With this Z-Wave wireless communication network, you can unite most of your home electronics, pool accessories and appliances, via remote control - Simply integrate your wireless network with no complicated programming and no new cables to run - Most non-Z-Wave devices can be made compatible by simply plugging them into a Z-Wave accessory module

Pool & Spa Applications Wireless Control in the Palm of Your Hand - Perfect for both new installations and renovations – Title 20 compliant - Capable of controlling standalone pools or spas or pool/spa combinations - Choose from 3 models to best fit your pool design - Provides more control and features than any other controller in its class - Armed with five high voltage relays, water sensing probe, remote antenna capabilities, wireless programming and an intelligent (RS485) communication port - Capable of controlling and/or communicating with virtually any manufacturers’ pool or spa equipment including all single, two-speed and most variable speed filter pumps - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required