Aqua Medic Dosing Pump - SP 3000

Aqua Medic SP 3000 Dosing Pump
Aqua Medic SP 3000 Dosing Pump
Item# AQM-70100_SP3000

Aqua Medic SP 3000 Dosing Pump

Aqua Medic SP 3000 Dosing Pump, AquaMedic 70100

SP 3000 Dosing pump Peristaltic pump (0.8 gallon/hour; 50 ml/min)

Peristaltic dosing pump for aquarium

The SP 3000 dosing pump is an economic peristaltic pump for pumping small volumes of water. It can be used with bypass filters like the Nitratereductor and the Calciumreactor, and also to top up evaporated water combined with an aquaniveau and the Kalkwasserreactor. A further application is the automatic dosing of fertilizers and minerals. In freshwater aquariums, the iron fertilizer ferreal can be added daily. In coral reef aquariums, the addition of calcium and trace elements (products of the Reef Life series) can be automated using the SP 3000. The pump is supplied with a long life Santoprene‚ hose.

SP 3000 Dosing Pump Stats Pump Power Consumption Tall Width Depth 4.5" 3.25" 3.5" 4.5 watts

Max Flow Pump Speed l/hr ml/min gph RPM 3 50 0.8 20

Pump Hose Material Pump Hose Lubricant Motor Life Pump Hose Life Santoprene Silicone Grease 10,000 hrs 3 million turns

Top of Page SP 3000 Dosing Pump Tips and Tricks

* Whenever valving back the flow of your SP-3000, place the valve on the inlet side of dosing pump. * Using the included one-way check valve (always on the suction side) ensures positive progress of the fluid through the top-off system while eliminating back-siphoning. * Replace the peristaltic tube periodically, depending on severity of duty, to maintain performance. - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required