Aqua Medic Niveaumat Auto Top-off System

Aqua Medic Niveaumat Auto Top-off System
Aqua Medic Niveaumat Auto Top-off System
Item# AQM-78015_Niveaumat

Aqua Medic Niveaumat Aquarium Top-off System, AquaMedic 78015

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A common mistake in the aquarium hobby is to run the output from an R/O filter directly to a mechanical float switch on the aquarium filter to compensate for evaporation. An R/O filter produces its best water quality when run for an extended period of time. Therefore the ideal top-off system begins with a reservoir that is filled periodically by an extended run of the R/O filter. Water is then pumped, via a peristaltic dosing pump such as the Aqua Medic SP3000, from the R/O reservoir into the aquarium filter “on-demand” as water evaporates. Obviously this type of top-off system requires a reliable level sensing system within the aquarium filter and a switching controller to operate the top-off pump to maintain the water level. The Aqua Medic Niveaumat is an excellent integrated solution that combines the SP 3000 dosing pump with a directly connected low-voltage float switch. Everything you need in one economical package. Niveaumat Stats Model Pump Tall Width Depth Niveaumat 4.5" 3.25" 3.5"

Max Flow Power Consumption l/hr ml/min gph 3 50 0.8 4.5 watts

Solenoid Float Switch Drip Counter Pump Hose Material Pump Hose Lubricant 1 (included) 1 (included) Santoprene Silicone Grease

Motor Life Pump Hose Life Pump Speed RPM 10,000 hrs 3 million turns 20

Niveaumat Tips and Tricks

* R/O filters produce their highest quality water when run for extended periods. Use your R/O to fill and refill a dedicated reservoir from which the Niveaumat can pull, for on demand automated top-off to compensate for evaporation. * Clean the included solenoid float switch regularly to ensure proper operation. * For marine aquarium, placing a Kalkwasser Stirrer between the Niveaumat pump outlet and the drip counter, which is delivering the top-off water, creates an excellent source of calcium and alkalinity buffering hydroxide ions. * Using the included one-way check valve (always on the suction side) ensures positive progress of the fluid through the top-off system while eliminating back-siphoning. * Replace the peristaltic tube periodically, depending on severity of duty, to maintain performance. - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required