Dunwoody @ Alpharetta 090310
Dunwoody @ Alpharetta 090310
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I guess you thought I wasn’t going to let anyone know about the Norcross VS DHS Wildcat game on Monday …

I was trying to calm down and think about how to describe it – I couldn’t really think of anything other than


Here is the rest of the story …

DHS lost the game 2 – 1 in 8 innings.

The good: Hudson Randall clearly showed why he may very well be the top pitcher in the state of Georgia – pitching 7 complete innings and giving up only 2 hits. He had a no hitter going into the 6th inning. He kept the Norcross batters so off balance most of the night. It was fun watching him set up the batters for their demise – inside strikes, outside strikes, high strikes, and just plain guessing strikes by the batters. He gave up 1 hit in 7 innings. I counted at least 12 baseball scouts in attendance.

The bad: Norcross held our batters to 2 hits. Their left handed pitcher was really effective against out guys and when they took him out after 6 innings, they brought in a side-handed right hander that was just as effective against our hitters.

The Ugly: 2 critical errors – one in the 7th and one in the eighth – both led to the runs that tied and eventually beat the Wildcats. The Wildcat defense had played beautifully with no errors until the 7th inning.

Now, with this game summary behind us … the Wildcats start region play today @ 5:55 PM at home against Columbia High School . The GHSA Coaches Poll currently has the Wildcats ranked Numero Uno in the AAA State Classification. For those of you who need help in translating Wildcat excitement – Number 1! Evidently, the coaches appreciate the tough opening schedule that the Wildcats have played.

Dentistry With A Difference will throw out the 1st pitch sometime around 5:50 PM tonight.

Tomorrow night (Saturday) @ 7:00 PM – the Wildcats will face a tough AAAA Lakeside High School team @ Dunwoody HS. Buffalo Wild Wings will throw out the 1st pitch around 6:55 PM.

Rain is in the forecast for both games. I will try to keep everyone updated on the weather situations we encounter.

See you at the ball park!

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