Dunwoody @ Norcross 090310
Dunwoody @ Norcross 090310
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When does UGLY look BEAUTIFUL?


The answer to the subject line is not “when it is a baby!” This report is concerning Friday night’s game between the DHS Wildcats and the Alpharetta Raiders.

What I am referring to is the fact our baseball Wildcats went to Alpharetta on Friday and played a marathon 7 inning game that lasted nearly 3 & ½ hours. Our “boys of summer” did most everything they could to help Alpharetta HS stay in game contention. Baseball purists would probably not like my analogies, but folks our guys beat a team in a very UGLY fashion. I kept looking at the scoreboard to see if UGLY was playing against the Home team, but the scoreboard just showed Visitor. I haven’t seen the line score yet, but I do know we committed 6 errors and Alpharetta committed 3 errors. The Wildcats did indeed outlast the Raiders and our guys DID win – 10-6. This is the Beautiful part of my re-cap. I will say that we had some really good pitching from Corey Meek and Hunter Wheeler. Timely and crucial hitting by the Wildcats kept our Host on the ropes all evening. Skevos Christou, Tim Lin, Hunter Wheeler, and Alan Pitt had huge hits at the most opportunistic times. Hudson Randall had a very important bunt – late in the game that scored 2 runs. Lest I forget about Michael Tache – he stole 3 bases (2nd base twice in one inning – had to go back to 1st on batter interference on his first attempt) and then stole 3rd base when Alpharetta had a “wheel” play on when we were trying to bunt him over to 3rd base. Todd Bute had 2 defensive gems in centerfield that would make most highlight films because of his speed to the ball. This doesn’t mean the others players didn’t show up – it just means that these hits/plays stood out in my mind as being very large for the Wildcats.

We will play Norcross @ Norcross HS in game 3 of the Dugout Classic on Monday. I haven’t had any word on when or if the Walker School game is re-scheduled – yet.

The Wildcats begin region play on Friday, 3/13 at Dunwoody against Columbia High School . This will be “Dentistry with a Difference” Day and Dr. Priluck and Dr. Nordone will throw out the first pitch.

You have to see these kids play. In the first 2 games – they found different ways to win against 2 good teams.

See you in Norcross on Monday

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