Digital Salinity Salt Water Tester Meter

Salt Salinity Meters
Salt Water Pool or Koi Fish Pond Salt Level Testing:

All pocket digital salinity meters are EC/TDS meters. They use salt (NaCl) conversion factor and salt (NaCl) solution for meter calibration. The digital salinity meters can only work when the salt is the major TDS content in the water such as in a salt water pool or koi pond.

If you have a salt water pool, the majority of TDS in your pool is the salt which is about 3000 ppm, and you may have some other dissolved solids in the water but they normally are in the low hundred ppm, so the meter's ppm reading should be very close to the salt level in your pool. The meter works the same for the koi pond when you need to add 1000-3000ppm (0.1-0.3%) salt to the pond water.

The SALT-3000 Salt Tester is pre-calibrated at 3000ppm salt for Pool or Pond testing. This meter is equivalent to the Koi Medic Salt Meter - Electronic Pond Water Salt Level Tester. The 3000ppm calibration solution is available if needed for recalibration.


Sea Water / Salt Water Aquarium Salt Level Testing:

Select Milwaukee MA887 digital refractometer or Milwaukee MI306 full range salt meter.

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