The Swimming Pool Heat Pump Comparison Guide

The Swimming Pool Heat Pump Comparison Guide
The Swimming Pool Heat Pump Comparison Guide - Top Five Swimming Pool Heat Pump Manufacturers (Reviews/Ratings)

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If you are considering the purchase of a swimming pool heat pump, you have probably come across many manufacturers. Consumers often have a difficult time deciding on a heat pump because so many choices are available. We at AquaCal want to take the stress out of your decision process. So in this article, we discuss some reputable heat pump manufacturers.

We first show a direct comparison of heat pumps from five well-known and highly regarded heat pump manufacturers.

Breakdown of Swimming Pool Heat Pump Specifications

Manufacturer - Model ---- COP* - BTU* ---- Warranty

AquaCal ------ SQ225 ---- 6.5 -- 134,000 - Parts 7 Yrs; Labor 2 Yrs; Heat Exchanger Lifetime; Compressor 7 Yrs

Hayward ------ HP21404T - 5.7 -- 130,000 - Parts 2 Yrs; Labor 2 Yrs; Heat Exchanger 10 Yrs; Compressor 5 Yrs

Jandy ------- EE3000T --- 5.5 -- 130,000 - Parts 1 Yr; Labor 1 Yr; Heat Exchanger 5 Yrs; Compressor 5 Yrs

Pentair ----- 140 ------- 5.5 -- 132,000 - Parts 2 Yrs; Labor 2 Yrs; Heat Exchanger Lifetime; Compressor 10 Yrs

Rheem ------- M8350ti --- 5.2 -- 125,000 - Parts 7 Yrs; Labor 2 Yrs; Heat Exchanger 10 Yrs; Compressor 7 Yrs

* Titanium Heater Exchanger for ALL models.

* COP: Coefficient of Performance

* COP and BTU ratings are inside the scope of AHRI standard 1160 water temperature/ambient air/relative humidity

As you can infer from the chart above, all of these manufacturers’ heat pumps offer great value: they all operate efficiently and utilize advanced technology. You can find a summary of each manufacturer below.

- AquaCal: Founded 1981, AquaCal manufactures a wide variety of heat pumps. AquaCal is part of the HornerXpress family, who, through their international department, distributes its heat pumps nationally and worldwide. AquaCal’s heat pumps are manufactured in the United States.

- Hayward: Hayward has been serving the swimming pool industry for over 80 years. They consistently offer high-quality swimming pool products and excellent customer support. Hayward products are manufactured in the United States Hayward acquired Summit Heat Pumps in 2008 to complement their heating product line.

- Jandy: Founded in 1958, Jandy is a widely-recognized product brand among professionals in the swimming pool industry. The founder of Jandy, Andrew Pansini, created the first automatic swimming pool cleaner. In 2010, Zodiac Pool Care merged with Jandy Pool Products to become Zodiac Pool Systems. In June of 2003 the company acquired Air Energy and entered the Swimming Pool Heat Pump Market.

- Pentair: Since 1966, Pentair has offered exceptional swimming pool products that range from heat pumps to water features. Pentair is a global company, with over 30,000 employees and approximately 300 locations worldwide. Pentair introduced their UltraTemp Swimming Pool Heat Pump in November of 2008.

- Rheem: Rheem is a nationally-recognized brand that offers residential equipment and started producing Swimming Pool Heat Pumps under the Raypak division in 1997. Manufactured in Mexico, Rheem heat pumps are competitively priced, are reliable, and provide affordable swimming pool heating. They have proven their value to their customers since their foundation in the 1920s.

Hopefully this article helps you in your search for a quality heat pump. Email us for more questions

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