Palintest Photometer 7500 Kit, PT750

Palintest Photometer 7500 Kit, PT 750, PT750
Palintest Photometer 7500 Kit, PT 750, PT750
Item# PAL-PT750

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Palintest Photometer 7500 Kit, PT750

The Palintest 7500 takes portable water testing to new heights. The smooth good looks cover a solidly engineered instrument with a high specification and high performance. Built around the Palintest range of water test reagents, the 7500 has automatic wavelength selection for each of its pre-programmed methods.

Smart, rugged, and easy to use, the 7500 is the ideal field instrument for engineers.

* Fully waterproof with IP67 rating

* Rugged, portable design with no moving parts

* Automatic method set up for each parameter

* USB port for easy computer interface

* 500 test results stored on board

* Large backlit screen

Select the method from a list or use the direct entry menu. There are up to 30 user definable test methods, allowing full flexibility in a range of applications.

The unique adaptive cell holder automatically adjusts to any round tube size, allowing easy analysis of a range of samples without needing adaptors. The software remembers your most recent tests, making it even quicker to use the next time around.

Up to 500 tests results are held in the onboard memory, with a full audit trail of time, date, and results in chosen units.

Once back at base the test results are effortlessly transferred to a PC by plugging into the USB port and using the drag and drop file transfer utility. In the same way software updates that arrive by email, or downloaded from the internet can be just ‘dropped’ into the 7500.

The unit runs on standard AA batteries, or can be powered through the USB port from the computer, or via its own standalone adapter.

The software interface is in 5 languages, and the easy to navigate menus are great for the engineer in a hurry.

The 7500 is available in two kits, each complete with a carry case and room to store the required reagents.

Ordering Information

Description Product Code

Link to product photoStandard Photometer 7500 Kit The Standard photometer kit comprises a Photometer 7500 instrument, eight glass test tubes, and a dilution tube, all contained in a moulded plastic carrying case. There is space to hold up to eight different reagent starter packs. The kit does not include reagents. PT750 Buy online

Engineers Photometer 7500 Kit The Engineers Photometer kit is specifically designed for the mobile water service engineer and representative. It contains a Photometer 7500 instrument, eight glass photometer tubes, De-Ion pack deionised water maker, sample containers and dilution tubes, filtration equipment and a thermometer. The kit is supplied in a reinforced ABS carrying case with space to hold up to 20 different reagent starter packs. The case is fitted with a meter bag and detachable document holder. It is designed so that engineers can carry test meters and other equipment as desired. The case also has room for a number of Palintest liquid reagent systems. The kit does not contain reagents. PT752 Buy online

Round Test Tubes for Photometer, 10 ml glass (Pack of 5) PT595/5 Buy online

USB Power Adaptor For use with Photometer 7500 and Pooltest 25 Professional PT745 Buy online

USB cable PT746 Buy online

Photometer check standards with test certificate For Photometer 7100, 7500 & Pooltest 25 Professional PT804 - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required