Photointerrupter (Transmissive) NPNEC ST155

Photointerrupter (Transmissive) NPNEC ST155 , Lot 100
Photointerrupter (Transmissive) NPNEC ST155 , Lot 100
Item# Npn-ST155-100
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Photointerrupter (Transmissive) NPNEC ST155 ST155 ●Features · Combines high output GaAs IRED with highsensitive phototransistor. · Non-contact detecting manner. · Slit width(resolution): 0.4mm. ●Dimensions Unit:mm Unless othewise specified, the tolerances are ±0.2mm Internal Circuit ●Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta=25℃) Parameter Symbol Rating Unit Forward Current IF 50 mV Reverse Voltage VR 6 V Input Power Dissipation P 75 mW Collector-Emitter Voltage VCEO 25 V Emitter-Collector Voltage VECO 6 V Output Collector Power Dissipation PC 50 mW *Operating Temperature Topr -20~65 ℃ Storage Temperature Tstg -30~75 ℃ ** Soldering Temperature Tsol 260 ℃ *The special requirement would be met according to customer’s request. **Soldering time: 5s max. Soldering position: at least 1.5mm from the base of the package. ● Electro-Optical Characteristics (Ta=25℃) Parameter Symbol Test Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit Forward Voltage VF IF=20mA - 1.25 1.5 V Input Reverse Current IR VR=3V - - 10 μA Collector Dark Current ICEO VCE=20V - - 1 μA Collector Light Current IL VCE=5V IF=8mA 0.25 - - mA Output Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage VCE(SAT) IF=8mA Ic=0.15mA - - 0.4 V Rise Time Tr - 5 - μS Transfer Character -istics Response Time Fall Time Tf IF=20mA VCE=5V RC=100Ω - 5 - μS - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required