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AquaCal ECP0343 PoolSync WiFi Controller
AquaCal ECP0343 PoolSync WiFi Controller
Item# AC-ECP0343

AquaCal ECP0343 PoolSync WiFi Controller, for Pool Sync Ready heat pump ECP 0343

Installation Manual

AquaCal® Heat Pumps are now PoolSync ™ Ready! With the PoolSync WiFi Controller and app, you can adjust your heat pump's setting from the palm of your hand!

The ECP0343 is a Hardwired Wall Mount Unit for PoolSync Ready models with HP9 boards - Super Quiet 3/2019 or later, Tropical 7/2019 or later.

STK0225 HP9 Upgrade Kit is available for the old models.


AutoPilot ChlorSync
AutoPilot ChlorSync

Get your pool in Sync!

Introducing the new ChlorSync® Salt Chlorine Generator by AutoPilot®. This high-tech line comes packed with features that make maintaining your pool a breeze. We offer 3 cell sizes, for pools up to 50,000 gallons, to fit your needs. The ChlorSync system is simple to install, operate and service, offers automatic cell model detection, 24-hour boost cycle and automatic cover connection capability.

You can even get advanced functionality when you pair it with the PoolSync™ WiFi Controller and control it right through your phone! You can view the current salt level and water temperature, see how much salt to add, when needed, and receive alerts should the unit need any attention.

To make a complete system, you need to purchase the ChlorSync® Power Center (ECP0312) along with your choice of cell (CS30, CS40 or CS50). To control the system through the PoolSync™ phone app, please also purchase the PoolSync™ WiFi Controller (ECP0343). - We accept credit cards via PayPal, no PayPal account is required